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Castle Hall's Response



Castle Hall is committed to providing world-class due diligence services to our clients, and we are equally committed to ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of our staff and their families. As we monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have instated a number of precautionary measures and have enacted aspects of the firm's Business Continuity Plan. 

A crisis management committee, comprising senior leadership from throughout the firm, was formed in early February 2020 and since then has met regularly to monitor the progress of the outbreak and assess and direct our posture and response measures. As a result of our discussions, we have taken action in the following areas: 


In early March 2020, Castle Hall suspended all domestic and international business travel. At that time, guidelines were also put in place around self-isolation as a result of personal travel for employees or anyone residing with them. 


As of mid-March 2020, in accordance with public health guidance, Castle Hall has closed all offices for regular business. In the unlikely event that an employee requires access to our facilities and is legally permitted to do so, sanitation products and protocols have been put in place, along with social distancing measures. Castle Hall is committed to following all governmental guidance in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate.


Castle Hall employees are now working remotely, as of the closure of our Canadian and international offices. We are strongly encouraging all our staff to remain at home and abide by all public health advisories regarding social distancing and other practices, for their own safety and as a means to ‘flatten the curve’ in our communities.

Technology & Cybersecurity

Castle Hall has embraced all our regular tools and worked to expand our technology offerings to ensure that employees are able to maintain our level of support to our clients, while adhering to our security measures and controls during this time. As Castle Hall’s standard posture embraces active mobility, our systems are entirely cloud-based and our security controls are not dependent on employees physically occupying our offices.

  • All Castle Hall employees are currently working from home with company-issued computers, and all necessary platforms and tools are securely accessible while staff are remote
  • Internal collaboration tools are in place to ensure seamless communication between colleagues
  • Employees with corporate phone extensions have been configured with VOIP softphones to ensure accessibility
  • Voice/video/screenshare tools are in place to facilitate communication with clients, investment managers, and other external parties, including ‘virtual onsite meetings’ in support of our clients
  • Castle Hall’s IT team maintain frequent contact with staff to identify and address any issues and have provided additional training regarding social engineering and phishing threats emerging at this time

Our leadership team are continuously monitoring and evaluating current conditions and will continue to adapt our response as the situation evolves. We remain committed to maintaining our standard of service delivery, and to prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our team. We hope that you and your families remain in good health, and we will continue to provide our clients with any assistance that we can during this time.