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Know Your Breach: Desjardins

The Guardian Says it was Warned of Cyber Attacks by Saudi Arabia

Businesses in Singapore Lost Nearly S$58 Million to Email Impersonation Scams Last Year: CSA report

Cyberattacks Now Number One Threat to California Power Grid

US and Russia Clash Over Power Grid 'hack attacks'

Australian Catholic University Phished with Staff Accounts and Systems Compromised

Iran Says It Dismantled a CIA Cyber Spying Network, Brought to Arrest of Agents

Third of Charities Risk Internal Fraud Due to Bad Background Checks

Know Your Breach: US CBP

Monetary Authority of Singapore and UK Financial Authorities Announce Collaboration on Cyber Security

Nuclear Weapons Vulnerable To Cyber Threats – OpEd

Cybersecurity Giant Symantec Plays Down Unreported Breach of Test Data

Evite Confirms Data Breach After Hacker Sells User Data On Dark Web

Maryland Attorney General Warns Residents Of Medical Data Breach

FBI Warning, More Phony Phone Call Scams and Distrust on the Internet

Saudi Arabia’s Cybersecurity Industry to be Valued at $5.5bn by 2023

Know Your Breach: Quest Diagnostics / LabCorp

Crypto Developer Komodo ‘Hacks’ Wallet Users to Foil $13 Million Theft

Dark Web: Hackers Sell Doctors' Identities For $500 In Disturbing New Trend

Govt Dishes Out $8.5m for Cyber Security Realm

Baltimore Officials Say $18M Spent In Ransomware Attack

19 Years of Personal Data was Stolen from ANU. It Could Show up On the Dark Web

Millions Stolen by Hackers Shows Vulnerability of Mexico’s Banks

Know Your Breach: Helse Sør-Øst RHF

North Korea Launched Cryptocurrency Attacks in Response to Sanctions, Says FBI

Cybersecurity: The Number of Files Exposed on Misconfigured Servers, Storage and Cloud Services has Risen to 2.3 Billion

Israeli Banks Under Increasing Threat from Cyber Attacks

Microsoft, Facebook to Help Tame Internet Ahead of Canada's Election, Official Says

New China Cyber Security Law Could be Used to Block US Firms

Insurer First American Left Nearly 900 Million Sensitive Customer Files Exposed

Australian Tech Unicorn Canva Suffers Security Breach

Know Your Breach: Instagram

In Light of Ever-Increasing Cybersecurity Risks, Boards Must Deepen Their Oversight and Engagement

N.Y. Taps Ex-Prosecutor to Lead New Cybersecurity Unit

Ex-Mossad Director Says Cyber Attacks Pose Biggest Threat to Free World

Can Congress Bolster Energy Cyber Protections?

Danske Bank Launches Initiative to Help SME Customers with Cyber Security

The EU Agrees on Rules to Punish Cyberattackers

Amazon, the Newest Victim of Phishing Fraud

Know Your Breach: Saks/Lord & Taylor

Police Smash ‘GozNym’ Cybercrime Network that Stole $100 Million

WhatsApp Hack: Company Urges 1.5 Billion Users to Update App over Security Fears

Global Cyber Security in Healthcare Market Will Reach USD 12,311 Million By 2026

Over $29 Million Lost Due to Cyber Crimes in Sacramento Region

$60 Million Class-action Lawsuit Denied by Judge

FBI Investigating Baltimore City Ransomware Attack, As Internal Network Continues to Have Issues

US Government Identifes North Korean Hacking Tool

Know Your Breach: Uber

Hackers Steal Over $40 Million Worth of Bitcoin from one of the World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Two Chinese Men Indicted For Hacking Anthem

A Malware Attack Against Accounting Software Giant Wolters Kluwer is Causing a 'quiet panic' at Accounting Firms

Amazon Hit by Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds

In The Face Of Growing Fraud Threats, Finance Firms Should Look At Managed Security

French Regulatory Agency Sees 14,000% Surge in Crypto-Related Scam Enquiries Since 2016

‘The Greatest Threat we Face’: Cyber Security Tsar Quits with a Warning

Know Your Breach: Home Depot

Russian Charged in $1.5 Million Cyber Tax Fraud Scheme

Conman who Scammed £113m in UK’s Biggest Cyber Fraud ‘has Spent £3m on Harrods Shopping Sprees

Cryptocurrency Thefts, Fraud Hit $1.2 billion in First Quarter

Red Canary Raises $34 Million to Detect and Remediate Cyber Threats

Morrison on Cyber Alert Through $156 Million Election Promise (Australia)

Hedge Funds Besieged by Hackers on a Daily Basis

Cybercrime: 25% Of All Malware Targets Financial Services, Credit Card Fraud Up 200%

Know Your Breach:

Does Cybersecurity Matter for a Family Office?

British Cybersecurity Expert Pleads Guilty to Creating Malware

Kamala Harris: Cyber Attacks Will Become a 'War Without Blood

UAE Expert Says Cybercrime is $8trn Threat to Global Economy

FBI: Cybercriminals Set New Record in 2018 by Causing More than $2.7 Billion in Reported Losses

Cyber Crime Soars 61% of Companies Are Attacked

Millions of People in the UK Expect Account to be Hacked

Know Your Breach: Orbitz

Behind KKR’s Big Bet On Cybersecurity

FBI Head of Cybersecurity in San Francisco Warns: Look to Inside Threats

Russian Lawmakers Approve New Internet Law

Pregnancy Club Fined £400,000 for Illegally Sharing Data of over 14 Million People

NYC Tech Commissioner Left Atlanta Job Shortly Before Crippling Cyberattack

A Hacker has Dumped Nearly One Billion User Records Over the Past Two Months

How Blackberry has Become a Cyber-Security Player

Know Your Breach: Timehop

With $600 Million Cybersecurity Budget, JP Morgan Chief Endorses AI and Cloud

Yahoo Strikes $117.5 Million Data Breach Settlement After Earlier Accord Rejected

Canada ‘Very Likely’ Will be Hit by Foreign Cyber Threats Before October Election: Federal Report

More than 300,000 Cyber Criminals are Selling your Credit Card Details on Facebook, Experts Warn

City Treasurer Sends $128,000 to Fraudsters in Email Phishing Scam

WhatsApp Scams Explode: Hongkongers Bilked of HK$2.7 Million in Three Months on Facebook-owned Messaging Service

Know Your Breach: Delta

HSBC’s Voice Recognition Technology has Saved Bank £300 Million in Fraud

Microsoft Seizes Websites it Traces to Iranian Hackers

Toyota Announces Second Security Breach in the Last Five Weeks

U.S.-Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Aqua Raises $62 Million

Iran Conducted Cyber Attacks on UK Infrastructure

Pension Funds Falling Short on Cybersecurity, Regulator Warns

First Australian Threat Report From Cyber Security Firm Carbon Black Finds That 89% Of Australian Businesses Surveyed Have Been Breached During The Past 12 Months

Know Your Breach:

Hackers Attacked One-Million Plus Asus Users Through Malicious Update

E-Mail Log-in Details of Govt Staff Put Up for Sale on Dark Web

Aluminium Firm Cyber-attack Cost at Least £25.6m

The Latest Dark Web Cyber-criminal Trend: Selling Children's Personal Data

More than 110,000 Australians Caught up In September's Facebook Cyber-attack

Ukrainian Man Faces up to 6 Years in Jail for Cryptojacking on his own Websites

Council Staff Caught Out By Fake Phishing Emails to Test Cyber Security

Know Your Breach: Facebook

Nordic Metals Firm Hydro Restoring Systems After Cyber Attack

A Facebook Board Member Denied Claims he Met the Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower 2 years Before the Scandal Exploded

JPMorgan Hack Suspect is Helping the US; Here’s What He May Offer

UK Cyber-Security Efforts Criticised by Audit Office

How Criminals are Using the Low-interest Credit Card Scam to Steal your Identity

How Ad Fraud Just Became a Lot More Scary for Advertisers

Bank Hackers Team up to Spread Financial Trojans Worldwide

Know Your Breach: Cathay Pacific

Police Bust Man for Allegedly Selling 1 Million Netflix, Spotify Passwords

Citrix Hacked by Password-Spraying Attackers, FBI Warns

Cyber Attacks Proliferate in Finance

EU to Pool and Network its Cybersecurity Expertise – Council Agrees its Position on Cybersecurity Centres

HSBC Warned of BOV (Bank of Valletta) Hackers Last Year

Cyber Attacks Could Help Trigger a War, says Marise Payne (Australian Foreign Minister)

Japan Spearheads Pan-Asia Alliance to Tackle Cybersecurity

Know Your Breach: Sonic

Ex-Equifax Exec Pleads Guilty To Insider Trading Post-Breach

Chinese Hackers Hit 27 Universities in US, Canada: Report

KKR Invests in Cybersecurity Firm KnowBe4 at $800M Valuation

North Korea Conducted Cyberattacks on the U.S. During the Trump-Kim Summit, Report Says

The Marriott Breach Shows Just How Inadequate Cyber Risk Disclosures Are

Bank of England to Test Banks' Resilience to Cyber Attacks

Cyberattack Planning is Still Depressingly Poor, Even in Big Businesses

Know Your Breach: Target

Cybercriminals Earning Over $3B Annually Exploiting Social Platforms

Cost of Cyber Breach Recover Hits All-Time High of $5.8M

Ionic Security Closes $40 Million Growth Round Led By JPMorgan Chase & Co. with Participation from Google LLC

Tesco scam warning after customers caught out by fake email about grocery home orders

Hospitals Are Cyber Criminals’ Newest, Biggest Target

India ‘Millionaire’ Crypto Scam Tricks Victims Out Of $250K

Data breaches reported to FCA have risen 480% from financial services firms

Know Your Breach: British Airways

California Proposes Tougher Customer Protections After Data Breaches

AI cybersecurity Specialist Senseon Secures USD6.4m in Seed Funding

Was Jeff Bezos the Weak Link in Cyber Security?

Cyber Security Provider Palo Alto to Buy Demisto for $560 Million

Healthcare Cyber Security Market to Reach $12.46 Bn, Globally, by 2023 at 15.6% CAGR: Allied Market Research

Employees are Major Risk to Employers’ Cyber Security, Study Finds

Chinese And Iranian Hackers Increase Cyber Attacks On US

Know Your Breach: Aadhaar

Cyber attack on Malta bank tried to transfer cash abroad

Home Loan Details of 100,000 Customers Hacked in Major Data Breach

The Great Equifax Mystery: 17 Months Later, The Stolen Data Has Never Been Found, and Experts are Starting to Suspect a Spy Scheme

Hong Kong Banks Must Step Up Cybersecurity, Protect Customers’ Data as Online Scams Multiply, Warns Industry Leader

Russia considers 'unplugging' from internet

Cybercrime Skyrockets in NSW as Murders and Robberies Fall

Ex-US Intel Officer Charged with Helping Iran Target her Former Colleagues

Know Your Breach: Firebase

‘Abuse of Trust’: Former AMP Worker Pleads Guilty to Downloading Customers’ Personal Data

China Hacked Norway’s Visma to Steal Client Secrets: Investigators

Cost of a Cyber Security Breach Reaches a Record High as Canadian Businesses Spend up to $5.8 Million to Recover

Federal MPs' computer network hacked in possible foreign government attack

Cyber-warfare Could be Entering a New and Alarming Phase, ex-CIA Analyst tells MPs

Cyber-Security in New York City, the Financial Capital of the United States

Hackers Targeting Canadian Banks, Mining Companies, Expert Tells MPs

EU Cyber Defense Agency Warns Against Iran's Expansion Of Cyber Espionage

UAE Used Cyber Super-Weapon To Spy On Iphones Of Foe

Cyber Attacks Outpacing Physical Terror Attacks

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Cyber Defense Technology for Connected Cars

Huawei Director and Polish Cybersecurity Expert Arrested Over Spying Accusations

Davos Leaders Urge India, US to Join Coalition Against Cyber Threats

Business Failing to See Strategic Value of Cyber Security

Mergers & Acquisitions: Privacy and Security Considerations

Cyber Threats for Oil and Gas

Why Cyber-Security Should Be Top Priority For Banks That Want to Rehabilitate Their Reputations

Know Your Breach: BlackRock

Know Your Breach: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Cybercrime Could Cost Companies US$5.2 Trillion Over Next Five Years

Fake BBC News Page Used to Promote Bitcoin-Themed Scheme

How To Find Out If Your Email Was One of The 773 Million Exposed In Massive Data Breach

Cybersecurity Market Worth Over $300bn By 2024: Global Market Insights, Inc.

Venture Capital Funding of Cybersecurity Firms Hit Record High in 2018

Richey May Launches Cybersecurity Services to Protect Hedge Fund From Malicious Attacks

US Shutdown Plays into Hackers’ Hands

Know Your Breach: Germany

EU Eyes Tougher Scrutiny of China Cyber Security Risks

Cybersecurity Put Under Investor Microscope

Law Firm Duped out of €97,000 in Cyber Scam

Emergency Text and Email Service Hacked, Thousands Receive Warning Messages About Their Personal Data

Sebi Brings Cybersecurity Framework for Mutual Funds and AMCs

A Look Back at The Israeli Cyber Security Industry in 2018

Prepare for the New Royal Wedding of IT: AI and Cyber Security

Know Your Breach: Starwood / Marriott

Cyber Attack Hits U.S. Newspaper Distribution

Are Financial Planners Taking Cybersecurity Precautions?

Central Bank Ups Ante on Outsourcing as Risks Mount

New Research from eSentire Finds Only 30 Percent of Firms are Confident They Can Avoid a Major Security Event in the Next Two Years

Japan's Cybersecurity Minister Admits he has Never Used a Computer