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ECB Shuts Down One of its Websites After Hacker Attack


Reuters: The European Central Bank (ECB) shut down one of its websites on Thursday after it was hacked and infected with malicious software.

The ECB said no market-sensitive data had been compromised during the attack on its Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD), which it uses to provide bankers with information on how to produce statistical and supervisory reports.


Most UK Financial Firms Hit by Cyber Attack in the Past Year


Computer Weekly: The majority of UK financial companies are failing to prevent cyber security incidents, mainly because of employees failing to follow security policies and a lack of security budget, a survey reveals...


Russia's New Cyber Laws Will Fuel Online Crime, Claims Report

Computing: The report, entitled "The Dark Side of Russia: How New Internet Laws & Nationalism Fuel Russian Cybercrime", claims that Russia's new internet laws, which will come into effect on 1st November, will make it difficult for companies operating in Russia to protect both their communications and the privacy of their customers.


Cyber Security Company Owner Arrested for Recent Personal Data Breach


BTA: The owner of a cyber security company was arrested Tuesday morning for a recent personal data breach in the National Revenue Agency (NRA), sources of the prosecution office told BTA. He was remanded at Sofia Airport as he arrived from Istanbul. 


Do These Six Things to Protect Your Company Online


ZDNet: Cyberattacks and data breaches have cost UK mid-market companies over £30 billion, yet organisations remain complacent about their cybersecurity capabilities – putting them at greater risk from hackers and cybercrime.


'Wizard' Cybersecurity Expert Charged with Record Hack of Bulgarian Tax Agency


Reuters: A 20-year-old Bulgarian cybersecurity worker has been arrested and charged with hacking the personal and financial records of millions of taxpayers, officials said on, as police continue to investigate the country’s biggest-ever data breach.


Banks Told to Report Fraud Within 2 Hours


Standard Digital: Banks and mobile money firms will from October be required to furnish the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) with information on cyber-attacks on a real-time basis.

This latest measure follows a decision by the banking regulator to step up surveillance on cyber fraud.


Mozilla Blocks UAE Bid to Become an Internet Security Guardian After Hacking Reports


Reuters: Mozilla said in a statement it was rejecting the UAE’s bid to become a globally recognized internet security watchdog, empowered to certify the safety of websites for Firefox users.

Mozilla said it made the decision because cybersecurity firm DarkMatter would have administered the gatekeeper role and it had been linked by Reuters and other reports to a state-run hacking program.


Orange Completes the Acquisition of SecureLink, Reinforcing its Cybersecurity Operations in Europe


Orange: With more than 660 employees, SecureLink reported revenues of 248 million euros in 2018. Today, the company serves more than 2,100 customers from a wide range of industries. SecureLink offers its customers specialist services in cybersecurity consulting, security maintenance and around-the-clock support from its “CyberSOCs” (Cyber Security Operations Centers), as well as advanced incident detection and response capabilities.


Sweden’s Protective Security Act Targets Cyber Risks


Computer Weekly: The goals and regulations set out in the legislation represent the end-product of several years of close consultation by the Swedish government with the IT industry and digital players. This collaboration focused on preparedness and drawing up legislation that would add an effective weapon to Sweden’s cyber threat defence arsenal.


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