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      Know Your Breach: Toyota

      Mar 31, 2023 2:46:12 PM

      The Target: Toyota Italy, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers.

      The Take: Exposure of Personally Identifiable Information belonging to Toyota’s clients including: phone numbers and email addresses.

      The Vector: Unsecured and exposed marketing tools, namely APIs for Salesforce and Mapbox, were able to be accessed publicly on Toyota Italy’s website. This allowed attackers to access employee credentials to the third-party platforms and exfiltrate client data.

      This breach is a stark reminder of how important authentication controls are in an overall robust cybersecurity posture. In particular, the information exposed here is perfect for crafting highly believable phishing campaigns as it would allow push notifications. Access monitoring and testing for every public-facing webpage is a key strategy to mitigate these kinds of breaches to protect a firm’s customer base.



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