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A New Model for Due Diligence. 


For investors, operational due diligence is now a structured and consistent discipline, applied to all external managers and all asset classes. Diligence workloads have expanded significantly, especially when dealing with ongoing monitoring.

Even before Covid-19, more investors conducting more due diligence more frequently meant higher costs and an inherently duplicative process. In today's unprecedented environment, the problem is magnified: repetitive WFH Zoom conference calls add a new layer of inefficiency in a period of crisis.

DiligenceExchange was created as a solution to the evident ODD duplication problem that existed long before Covid-19. For investors, our online portal, DiligenceHub, provides consistent, validated due diligence, available for every manager and fund in a portfolio. For investment managers, Castle Hall saves time by enabling the manager to work with our diligence team on behalf of multiple investors.

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Today's due diligence process is inherently inefficient. While 20% of the diligence process is investor specific and subjective, 80% is shared and standard.

When was your last regulatory inspection? Did anyone leave last quarter? How do you value Level 3 securities? Do your bank opening forms confirm a dual signature mandate?

Castle Hall's award winning due diligence consistently documents the business risk of the manager, legal risk of the fund, and operational risk of the control environment. Our diligence supports an investor onboarding a new manager - and when monitoring an existing relationship

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New Diligence Efficiencies

DiligenceExchange links investors and managers to create new efficiencies in the diligence process.

Managers benefit from a standardized, structured diligence process accessed by multiple clients and prospects.

Investors benefit from Castle Hall's detailed, documented diligence, which allows in-house staff to move up the diligence value chain. Instead of report writing and spreadsheet filling, investors should be focused on high value questions, exceptions and follow ups. These are the material diligence issues which impact the investment decision.

Overall diligence timelines are significantly accelerated, especially for new allocations - which is a vital improvement as we all face the challenges of Covid-19.

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Why Castle Hall?

  • Castle Hall is 100% investor / LP funded, and does not accept revenues from the investment managers on the "sell side". This model ensures that DiligenceExchange is not compromised by the inherent conflict of interests created by manager pays due diligence.
  • Castle Hall is not an investment advisor, a fund manager, or a consultant. We do not have a buy list or recommended funds: we act solely to help investors satisfy the governance, risk and compliance obligations of their due diligence programs.
  • Castle Hall can perform due diligence on any manager, strategy or fund structure, worldwide. We do not limit our work to a recommended list, meaning that any manager can join DiligenceExchange and benefit from better diligence co-ordination.
  • Castle Hall can provide feedback to managers following diligence as to best practice and industry trends. We greatly appreciate the time every manager invests in the due diligence process, and both managers and investors benefit from transparent communication of diligence standards.