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Due Diligence 3.0

Responding to a Regulated and
Institutional Alternative Asset Industry

ODD, often an optional luxury before 2008, has become a mandatory component of alternative asset investing and is the tool deployed by investors to ensure that alternative investment managers meet ever evolving and more demanding requirements.

Download the Due Diligence 3.0 white paper and discover how investors can enhance their ODD programs.

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Creating a Best Practice Due Diligence Policy

Protecting an investing organization:
building an effective due diligence framework

For professional investors, Operational Due Diligence (“ODD”) has become an increasingly important element of their process to allocate capital to third party asset managers. 

Internal and external stakeholders now see a DD Policy as best practice to establish a consistent, evidenced and auditable diligence process across all external manager relationships. When drafted effectively, a policy document guides daily activities, and equally provides a longer-term, strategic framework to oversee the inherent risks of a third-party manager program. Indeed, some global regulators have begun to identify ODD policies as a regulatory issue for prudentially regulated entities.

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Evaluating an Asset Manager’s Cybersecurity Environment – A guide for the Operational Due Diligence practitioner.

Cybersecurity has become a top operational due diligence priority. This white paper, supported by a webinar, provides practical guidance to help investors evaluate an investment manager’s cybersecurity environment. What are the questions to ask, and how should an investor rate a manager’s responses?

This paper seeks to bridge the gap between what can quickly become extremely technical subject matter, and more practical guidance as to how to approach cybersecurity during a real world operational diligence review.

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Redefining Corporate Governance –
Second Edition

Castle Hall Diligence is pleased to present a revised and updated second edition of Redefining Corporate Governance. In the context of a more sophisticated, institutional ODD agenda, investors continue to seek guidance as to implementation of a best practice operational due diligence program. This white paper sets out six criteria – “The 6 C’s of Governance” – which provide a framework for governance best practices.

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