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Reputational Due Diligence 

Reputational risk is critical for any asset owner.

Before allocating capital to a new asset manager, Castle Hall's Reputational Due Diligence profiles allow rapid, cost effective validation of manager reputational risk - across a full suite of public records including regulatory filings, legal databases, sanctions, bribery and corruption, and politically exposed person watchlists. Each RDD profile also includes extensive media searches across web, social media and premium news sources, including the Wall Street Journal.

Once invested, RDD monitoring provides daily updates when your managers are "in the news" - or in court.

RDD is available on asset management companies and individual management company executives. RDD will shortly expand to allow coverage of service providers, directors and trustees, and to follow the reputational footprint of underlying portfolio companies.

If your investment manager is in the need to know.

The starting point for asset manager due diligence is reputational risk. Has an asset manager been fined for a regulatory infringement? Was the manager’s CEO the subject of a negative newspaper article 4 years ago? Are senior executives politically exposed persons? 

Our unique approach blends cutting edge technology - including advanced AI tools - with manual curation by our media analysts. This hybrid approach removes the “false positives” generated by fully automated algorithms. We review thousands of public media and database sources for each asset manager, executive, and portfolio company subject to RDD.

DDIQ Watchlist, Legal & Adverse Media Checks

Castle Hall integrates the cutting-edge Exiger DDIQ platform into each DiligenceExpress RDD review.

DDIQ uses cognitive computing and machine learning across more than 6,000 sources. Inputs include open and deep web records, corporate registration records and compliance databases.

Each RDD review covers:

  • Watchlists
  • Politically Exposed Persons ("PEP"s)
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption Databases
  • Sanctions Lists
  • Legal Databases
  • Fines and Regulatory Actions
  • Artificial Intelligence powered adverse media searches across thousands of sources

Castle Hall also partners with Exiger to perform full scope background investigations on both management companies and individual fund executives. Exiger background checks, fully integrated into the Castle Hall platform, can be conducted on an initial or update basis.

Contact your Castle Hall representative to learn more about Castle Hall's partnership with Exiger.



Castle Hall’s RDD process is enriched by media searches using Dow Jones Factiva.

Factiva is the premier global news platform, accessing more than 30,000 premium sources, including the Wall Street Journal. All content is fully licensed and permanently archived, avoiding broken web links and illegal scraping of copyright content.

In each RDD review, Castle Hall’s media analysts use Factiva to source articles – which may be in multiple languages. Factiva drives daily media monitoring with automated email alerts which can be applied to every asset management company and C Suite executive across your portfolio.

Once more, our analysts carefully curate Factiva content to avoid duplicates and false positives.

Contact your Castle Hall representative to learn more about Castle Hall's partnership with Dow Jones and the Factiva team.


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