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Expert, Unconflicted Operational Due Diligence.

Due Diligence. Solved.

Since 2006, Castle Hall has worked with institutional investors, fund of funds, family offices and endowments and foundations worldwide to conduct operational due diligence on their behalf.

At the DiligenceProfessional level, Castle Hall offers two services which support investors as they allocate to new asset managers and then monitor their existing manager relationships. With Castle Hall, investors can conduct consistent, evidenced and auditable due diligence across all external asset manager relationships - irrespective of asset class.

Powered by DiligenceHub, our award winning online diligence platform, OpsDiligence® allows in house diligence staff to move up the value chain. Using Castle Hall to gather core diligence data, internal staff can provide oversight, focus on exceptions, and engage with managers in higher quality discussions.

OpsReview is Castle Hall’s flagship onsite due diligence process, delivering a comprehensive diligence assessment of each manager and fund. OpsReview provides detailed due diligence coverage for material manager allocations, higher risk managers and more complex asset classes.

  • Extensive interview process to evaluate the manager’s control environment, systems and culture
  • DiligenceExchange verified data pack
  • Administrator due diligence
  • Background checks conducted by Castle Hall's investigative diligence partner, Exiger
  • Comprehensive due diligence report, including detailed narrative of the business risk of the manager, legal risk of the fund, and operational risk of the control environment. Castle Hall considers 20 risk areas within every OpsReview report
  • Assessment, including strengths and risks and Castle Hall’s overall diligence opinion, expressed as “accept”, “watch list” or “reject”

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