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DiligenceExpress – part of our next generation DiligenceHub portal - allows users to efficiently access information on any investment manager registered as an investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

That’s 20,000 investment managers and more than 70,000 funds.

$94,366,244,846,773 ($94 trillion!) in Regulatory Assets Under Management.

463,437 individual DiligenceExpress reports.

And it’s all free.


Fully Comprehensive

DiligenceExpress presents form ADV data in an easy to read format, available online or via a print friendly PDF. DiligenceExpress is fully comprehensive, with no restrictions as to access and content. This is not a teaser, limited use platform: DiligenceExpress presents complete ADV information on all managers and private funds.

Auto Notifications

Castle Hall provides automatic email notification when a manager you are following has updated their ADV filing.  DiligenceExpress users can then use a powerful comparison tool to review changes to previous ADV filings. Prior ADV reports are also fully archived, allowing you to monitor the chronology of a manager’s regulatory reporting.

Data Analytics

DiligenceExpress uses a proprietary algorithm to screen each ADV filing and highlight potential risk factors for every manager. Users can then drill down into risks - single or multi-factor - across their full portfolio using flexible data analytics functions.

DiligenceHub Integration

DiligenceExpress is fully integrated into Castle Hall's broader due diligence workflow. After reviewing Manager and Private Fund level ADV information, you can progress to order a Reputational Due Diligence profile, a financial statement review, OpsMonitor coverage, or a full, onsite OpsReview. Or add risk, cyber or ESG due diligence to that manager or strategy. 

What Can It Do?

Watch our introductory video to review the capabilities of DiligenceExpress, where we show you how to: 

  1. Search for a Manager record
  2. View DiligenceExpress Summary information and analytics
  3. View Current or Previous Manager Form ADV filings
  4. View Current or Previous Fund Form ADV filings
  5. Follow a manager / fund
  6. Compare filings to quickly identify changes
DiligenceExpress Overview - 20191215

Set up ADV Monitoring for your Full Portfolio - Free

To get the most out of DiligenceExpress, we recommend following all SEC registered managers and funds in your portfolio. We welcome you to contact us by clicking on the live chat button if you'd like help getting your full portfolio set up with DiligenceExpress ADV monitoring. Our client support team is happy to help and set up managers and funds for you and your colleagues - all at no charge.

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Add DiligenceExpress to your diligence workflow

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