Form ADV Monitoring. Free of Charge.

Castle Hall will shortly launch DiligenceExpress – part of our next generation DiligenceHub portal. DiligenceExpress allows users to efficiently access information on any investment manager registered as an investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. That’s more than 17,000 investment managers and 50,000 funds. And it’s all free.

DiligenceExpress presents form ADV data in an easy to access and read format, available online or via a print friendly PDF.  Castle Hall flags multiple potential risk factors based on the Form ADV data, such as existence of disciplinary actions or lawsuits, a short operating history, or small headcount. 

Castle Hall will notify you when a manager you are following has updated their ADV filing.  DiligenceExpress users can then rapidly compare previous ADV filings with the current filing to identify changes, saving valuable time. Prior ADV reports are also fully archived, allowing investors to monitor the ongoing chronology of a manager’s SEC reporting.

As a sneak peak of Diligence Hub, please feel free to watch the video to your right, demonstrating: 

  • How to search for a manager or fund
  • How to follow or unfollow a manager or fund
  • Using filtering features to screen for specific manager characteristics (such as location, RAUM, etc)
  • How to compare data between two filings
  • How to print Form ADV data sets
  • And more…

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