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Since 2007, Castle Hall has worked with institutions, fund of funds, family offices and endowments and foundations to conduct operational due diligence on their behalf.

As due diligence has evolved, so have we - clients can now access either OpsReview, our flagship, onsite due diligence service, or OpsMonitor, our next generation, online solution to monitor operational risks across a full external manager portfolio.



Onsite due diligence and comprehensive due diligence reporting for higher risk managers.


Consistent evaluation of key operational risks - at a point in time and over time.


Castle Hall's Flagship Operational Due Diligence Tool.

OpsReview provides our assessment of the operational strengths and weaknesses of each manager and fund.

Each OpsReview includes:

  • Detailed data pack, including Castle Hall’s “trust but verify” check
  • Onsite review to evaluate the manager’s control environment, systems and culture face-to-face
  • Administrator due diligence
  • Background checks conducted by Castle Hall's investigative diligence partner, Exiger
  • Comprehensive due diligence report
  • Assessment, including strengths and risks and Castle Hall’s overall diligence opinion, expressed as “accept”, “watch list” or “reject”.

Asset owners use OpsReview to onboard new managers. OpsReview also enables investors to maintain a detailed view of evolving operational risks across existing asset manager relationships.



Your Due Diligence Workflow. One Click Away.

Traditional due diligence programs allocated the vast majority of diligence effort to reviews of new managers as they were proposed for introduction to the portfolio.

OpsMonitor reverses this model: the diligence process now begins with effective oversight over capital already at risk with existing managers. With systematic data gathering and risk assessment, OpsMonitor allows investors to implement – efficiently and cost effectively – a risk-based diligence program for every external manager, irrespective of asset class.

OpsMonitor incorporates a range of diligence procedures to provide systematic, structured monitoring of each external asset manager. Castle Hall works with each OpsMonitor client to select the optimal mix of due diligence procedures dependent on dollar allocation size, asset class and manager specific risks.

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