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The new SEC private fund rules webinar: what the changes mean for investors and operational due diligence

Aug 21, 2023 4:38:01 PM

On Wednesday, August 23 the SEC will vote on new rules related to alternative asset funds which, collectively, represent the biggest update to the US regulatory environment since the 2012 changes which forced hedge fund and private equity managers to register with the SEC.
The final text of the rule is yet to be revealed, but the proposed changes represent a comprehensive package of reforms to enable investors to exercise better governance, risk and compliance oversight over third-party asset managers in their portfolios.
Castle Hall will host a webinar to discuss the final form of the rules (highlighting what has remained and what has changed as compared to the initial proposal) and then review how these new rules will help investors and support more effective and robust operational due diligence.

When: Friday, August 25, 9:30 AM EDT
Link: Register here!

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